Volunteer Group VS Dr. Ellen Hahn:

July 12th, 2011

Facebook, is sometimes an interesting place, most users don’t pay much attention to some of the dramas occurring right in front of them. I notice this late last week. It appears that Dr. Ellen Hahn of the prestigious University of Kentucky and member of the Kentucky Center Smoke Free Policy felt compelled to write e-mail to members of the Madison County’s Health department, in Madison County accusing Dr. Brad Rodu, a well respected member of Tobacco Harm Reduction and a Professor at the equally prestigious University of Louisville College of Medicine of being a Board member of a Tobacco company. It is a little strange she would do this because she knows Dr. Rodu and knows very well this is not true. Now, one has to ask what her purpose in doing this was. Madison County Health Department was determining if they should ban e-cigarettes an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes in public places. Dr. Hahn was using her prestigious position as a Professor at the University of Kentucky Nursing School and member of the KCSP to influence the MCHD to ban e-cigarettes, it was that simple. Dr. Hahn’s email: http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/5513/hahnrodu.jpg 

It really doesn’t matter who the misaligned Doctor was at this point. There are number of good Doctors that she could have chosen. Just because they have accepted an Open Grant, that was from the tobacco industry doesn’t make them any more of a shill, than her taking grant money from the Robert Woods Foundation owned by Johnson and Johnson (maker of NRT) to do tobacco and radon research. She does advocate the use of Nicotine Replacement therapy products. It appears that using nicotine in a NRT is perfectly fine but using it in a e-cigarette is bad.  http://www.mc.uky.edu/nursing/research/faculty/Grants/hahn13.htm

A enterprising volunteer group of people obtained the e-mail using the FOIA and knowing who Dr. Brad Rodu is, was very upset about her sending misinformation to the MCHD. They did e-mailed Dr. Hahn a request to retract her statement. When this was not forth coming they went to the KCSP page on Facebook and ask for a retraction. Every post on the KCSP page was deleted by the Administrator of the KCSP page. We wish we had a copy of the other comments that were deleted as well. Most importantly members of the KCSP was very rude calling these volunteers shills, said the volunteers worked for the tobacco companies (BT don’t have e-cigs) and then they worked for Big e-cigarette Industry (doesn’t exist).

Since most members of Anti-smoking groups are paid, they have no understanding of volunteers spending their own time without pay defending what they believe in. According to statements by this volunteer group, they wish to see more people have a choice in alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes; research has shown that smoke and tar are the main killers not nicotine.

The group’s primary interest is e-cigarettes but they do support the use of smokeless tobacco, not for BT benefit, but because the research shows it to be much less harmful than smoking. Research shows that NRT are not very helpful and some smokers are unable to quit without something that is better than NRT. We at AES found over 3 years ago that the E-cigarette would help us make the transition from being a smoker to a vaper. This was a totally surprise to many of us, we never planned on a total transition, just using the e-cig as an alternative in the sense that we used it when we could not smoke. We still don’t consider e-cigarettes a cession device; it is an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Most of us would return to smoking if they are taken from us.

Alternative or Cession device?

September 25th, 2010

The advocates for the e-cigarettes must make a decision one way or another. They totally confused NY State Senator Duane. He showed that in his frustration with their answers and he had problems asking the correct questions. None of the advocate made it clear that they considered the e-cigarette to be anything but a cession device. This will cause the e-cigarette to come under the preview of the FDA in Senator Duane’s mind.

The five letters from the FDA to the vendors made it clear as day, no one can make health or cession claims for e-cigarettes. Whether it is the doctors, Joe Q Public, or vendors, all such claims make them a drug delivery device.

The members of Alliance of Electronic Smokers  believed they were alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes and told Judge Leon this in their Amicus Brief (filed September 10, 2009). Judge Leon agreed with this in this ruling on January 14, 2010. Yet the advocates can’t seem to understand that this is the only avenue open to the e-cigarette community.

Yes, it is great that a side effect of using e-cigarettes is that some folks quit smoking completely, go to zero nicotine, but for the most part people will be using them as alternatives to smoking or they will return once again to traditional cigarettes. This concept is defeating a lot of new vapers, some think that because they can’t reach that goal they have failed. We as a community fail the new vapers with this push to make them cession devices. 

WE are not saving lives with this cession crap; instead we are feeding the FDA ammunition to use against us. There is now a legal and documented video of the Vaper Advocates saying the e-cigarettes are a cession device.

WE can say we are not smokers, but that is not the truth, we vape/smoke e-cigarettes, it looks like smoking, it feels like smoking and we obtain our nicotine from vape/smoking.

ONE day Vaper will be an acceptable term to use for what we do with our e-cigarettes, but until such time we have to tell our story in a manner that the world will understand. Communication on the other person’s level of understanding is the only communication that will work.

WE must accept the facts, we are smokers that use the e-cigarette to vape/smoke, instead of traditional cigarettes, but it is the same in the eyes of the world! 

WE ARE SMOKERS THAT SWTICHED TO A DIFFERENT FORM OF SMOKING AND WE CALL IT VAPING. WE may call it anything we want but the world calls it smoking.

People are smart when told tell the truth, they will listen to us. They  can’t see the real value in e-cigarettes, because we keep saying we are not smoking, it looks like smoking to them and most people will not listen very long when they can see with their own eyes someone is telling lies. That is just human nature, we believe what we see.

OUR answer to these people has to be “yes, I smoke, I get nicotine from this e-cigarette, but the smoke you see is not real smoke, it is vapor, there is no tobacco to burn in the e-cigarette and since it uses vaporization it produces no real smoke”. How hard can that be to say, people can grasp that, they can see with their own eyes and believe, yes they are smoking but it is not real smoke. They will one day accept the term Vaping and understand what Vaping means.

PS: we are now accepting applications for volunteer grammar nannies; we will give you an official title of Editor.